Why I Am Running

Why I Am Running

Baker County isn’t Buckhead. Dade County is not DeKalb.

Across our great state of Georgia, it’s clear we have different cultures, lifestyles and priorities depending on where we live.  If we do not continue to improve Republican and Conservative participation with increased margins of victory and turnout in every corner area of our State, including the Metro areas, we will soon be dominated and governed by Metro-Area Progressive Democrats.

We need each other to keep Georgia red.  This is why I am running to be your next First Vice Chair of the GAGOP.  As demonstrated in my successful business career in the cyber security industry and through my team-oriented leadership style as DeKalb GOP Chairman, I am driven by results. I will bring my proven skills and expertise to the GAGOP in the following areas that are outlined below.

For Georgia Republicans to win in 2024, the GAGOP must be led by a strong leadership team that is ready to fight for our values, look ahead to the future and lead with clarity and courage. We need to aggressively advance and ensure election integrity.

Our field organizations need to be competitive and have the resources necessary to deliver every ballot to the ballot box competitively.  We must raise and spend donor money responsibly and ethically.  We must respond and support the grassroots of our party. Above all, our electoral success going forward requires that we work together to modernize our infrastructure, improve our communications and inspire meaningful engagement with like-minded Georgians. We Need Each Other to Win.

I would love to join you at your next meeting, breakfast or luncheon.  I would also be honored to earn your vote at the GAGOP State Convention on June 9th – June 10th Columbus, Georgia. My contact and social media information is listed below in the signature.  Feel free to reach out to me – anytime! Thank you.

With Best Regards,


P: 678.948.7328 | C: 404-273-3045

 Facebook @MarciMcCarthyUS | Twitter @MarciMcCarthyUS

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