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Marci McCarthy for National Delegate | Proudly Representing the GA5th

Warm greetings to each of you, and my sincere appreciation for your active engagement in the vital process of selecting our National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, and Delegates to the Republican National Convention. Your dedication to this process not only amplifies our collective voice but also ensures that the values and beliefs of our precincts, counties, districts, and states are well represented on the national stage.

As Donald J. Trump emerges as the presumptive nominee, the significance of our unified presence as Georgia Republicans at the Republican National Convention cannot be overstated. It is through our cohesion and collaboration that we secure a prominent seat at the national table, advancing our shared vision for the future of our great nation. The convention, where delegates from all fifty U.S. states and territories convene to officially nominate and confirm a candidate for president and vice president, adopt a comprehensive party platform, and unify the party, marks the formal end of the primary election period and the start of the general election season. In this critical moment, characterized by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the responsibility entrusted to us as delegates carries immense weight. Integrity, honor, and unwavering commitment are the cornerstones upon which we must build our actions and decisions, particularly when called upon to nominate President Donald J. Trump as the Republican Party Candidate for President of the United States.

My journey in service to the Republican Party has been defined by dedication, passion, and servant leadership. From my role as county party Chairman in DeKalb County to serving on the GAGOP Election Confidence Task Force, my commitment to grassroots engagement and election integrity within our party has remained steadfast. Currently serving as the Chairman of the DeKalb Republican Party, I secured my second term unanimously by acclamation. During the 2022 Midterm Elections, my steadfast leadership and strategic vision notably doubled Republican turnout and bolstered margins of victory in the second bluest county in Georgia. In 2024, I spearheaded the recruitment and motivation of 16 candidates to run for U.S. Congress, Georgia General Assembly, and DeKalb School Board. Notably, 11 of the Georgia Senate and Georgia House candidates were supported with a one-time $400 donation from the DeKalb GOP, aimed at alleviating the financial strain of qualifying for office. 

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For me, this journey is not just about fulfilling duties; it’s about embodying the spirit of service and devotion to our cause. Casting a vote to nominate President Trump would be a deeply humbling honor, a testament to my unwavering commitment to preserving the values and principles that make America great.

If you have not already registered for the 5th Congressional District Republican Convention, please pre-register by NOON on April 19th. Please note that the 5th Congressional District Republican Convention will be held on April 20th at the Masonic Temple of Atlanta. Check-In and Onsite Registration will open at 9 AM, and the doors will close promptly at 10 AM. Please arrive no later than 9:45 AM for admittance.

In closing, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for considering my candidacy. Let’s continue to stand united in shaping the future of our party and our nation. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered to represent the Georgia 5th as a National Delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Best Regards,

Chairman, The DeKalb Republican Party
GAGOP Foundation Board of Governors
GAGOP Election Confidence Task Force

P: 678.948.7328

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