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Marci’s observations in the 2020 Presidential Election and Senate Runoffs lead to her testifying as an expert witness on election integrity for both the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives.  Testimony was aired live on Fox News, NewsMax, RightSide Broadcasting, NTT News, Epoch Times & OANN.  She also has been interviewed on a number of news and media outlets to discuss politics and election integrity – ABC News Nightline, Fox 5 News – Atlanta, ABC Channel 2 WSB-TV, Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) and The Sara Carter Show.  As Marci’s professional life spans nearly 30 years in business management and entrepreneurial experience, she is a nationally sought-after speaker on cyber security, women in technology/security/business, STEAM, entrepreneurism, and leadership topics.

Saturday, February 27, 2021
“Did Your Vote Count? Ask the Experts “


  • Marci McCarthy, Georgia GOP Foundation Board of Governors, GAGOP


  • Heather Flick, Attorney
  • Charlie Spies, Member- Dickinson Wright

Hyatt Regency Orlando
Plaza International Ballroom G

See the full video via CPAC 2021!



Recent Media Coverage

Red Kudzu – April 4, 2021 

Marci McCarthy joined Mike Crane of Red Kudzu to discuss election irregularities around the country and her campaign to lead the DeKalb County GOP.

See full interview here. 

Fox5 Atlanta – Sine Die Coverage – March 31, 2020 


AJC – Trump’s Influence on State GOP Endures – March 16, 2021

Trump’s Influence on the GOP Endures 


NTD News – THE NATION SPEAKS with Cindy Drukier – Mar 6, 2021

Georgia Tackles Election Reform


ABC News Nightline Interview – Jan. 4, 2021

Republicans contend with outrage over Trump call ahead of crucial Senate runoffs


Election Night Facts – December 24, 2020

Georgia – A Close Look at the Data and Events of the General Election – Chapter 1


NTD News – December 18, 2020

Georgia Witness Testimony: Marci McCarthy


NTD News – December 8, 2020

The Nation Speaks Will Anything Change in Georgia?


Sara Carter Show –  iHeart Radio Podcast  – November 16, 2020

Voter Fraud Interview

(Marci’s interview comes on about 25 minutes into the broadcast but it is recommended that listen to the podcast in its’ entirety which is 58 minutes long). 

Sara brings in Marci McCarthy to discuss voter fraud she claims to have observed as a ballot counter in Georgia. McCarthy explains how the issues she observed can be fixed if there’s a full audit of mail-in ballots.

Speaking Engagements

GAGOP Sine Die and Election Integrity Press Conference – March 31, 2021

Marci McCarthy was honored to have been asked to speak at the GAGOP’s Election Integrity Press Conference on the passage of SB-202 — now the Election Integrity Act of 2021 and for Sine Die, last day of the Georgia Legislative Session.


DeKalb GOP Precinct Caucus – March 20, 2021 

Marci McCarthy speaks at the DeKalb GOP Precinct Caucus about her commitment to DeKalb Republicans when elected DeKalb GOP Chairman.

Expert Testimony on Election Integrity

Georgia Senate Hearing for Election Integrity

Marci McCarthy testified at the Georgia Senate Hearing for Election Integrity in favor of SB 202 (Combined Bills HR 531 & SB 241.)

Marci McCarthy’s Testimony 

DeKalb County GOP Meeting with Republican DeKalb Board of Elections Members – Anthony Lewis and Baoky Vu – January 14, 2021 

Part One

Part Two  

General Assembly Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Testimony – December 30, 2020.

Marci McCarthy’s Testimony 

Entire Georgia General Assembly Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections Hearing. (Note: It is a 5-hour hearing):

Download Marci McCarthy’s sworn affidavit that was the basis of her Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections Testimony.

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