Create Win-Win Situations

Georgians are increasingly younger, female and reside in more densely populated areas.  Republicans must compete for these voters – particularly amongst the newly registered, diverse and underrepresented, swing and independent electorate. What brings us together is our shared values and priorities despite differing viewpoints on particular issues.  By focusing on growing the GAGOP to create enduring relationships, I will be a liaison for my fellow County GOP Chairs, Congressional Chairmen, elected officials, candidates and grassroots contributors to find common ground between the metro, suburban and rural areas to create a path to victory in 2024.

YEAR-ROUND Innovation BRINGS Electoral Success

The methods that won us elections in the last few decades are no longer effective.

It’s time for the GAGOP to adopt a year-round approach, working continuously during and between election years to maintain a field organization that leverages an intelligent digital infrastructure and stays connected with our County GOPs.  By investing in a data-driven field program that is anchored in doors and calls and supported by targeted texts, direct mail, and digital ads, we can “Get-Out-The-Vote” earlier empowering our grassroots, increasing voter engagement and most importantly electing winning candidates.

Recruit and Cultivate Winning Candidates

Georgia Republicans won on November 8, 2022 thanks to a strong slate of candidates, their positions on issues that matter to voters, and a targeted ground game. All of these factors are critical to win in a battleground state with a growing group of independent, swing, diverse and younger voters. By creating a candidate driven infrastructure, we can inspire the talent that is comprised of a new generation of leaders that will govern and share our conservative values.

Increase the Margins of Victory

Republicans increased the margins of victory over 2018’s midterm, reversing a decade- long erosion of declining margins – even penetrating Georgia’s largest Democratic strongholds by forcing them to defend traditionally safe seats. As we head into presidential primaries and a tumultuous election year in 2024, we’ll be in a different environment as national candidates and issues take center stage. We can build on work started in the midterm elections, especially by acting locally and outsmarting our opponents on the ground.

Ensure FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in our Elections

The Election Integrity Act of 2021 (SB202) has brought forth new voter protections and has restored voter confidence.  But ensuring FITness – Faith, Integrity and Trust in our elections requires a year-around strategy, a proactive mindset and ongoing vigilance.  By working outside of election years, the GAGOP can facilitate voting awareness efforts to include the training of poll watchers, cleaning of voter rolls, development of ballot curing and ballot chasing programs as well as promote uniformity in election operations.  I will also will advocate and strive to improve our election laws to ensure that all Georgians continue to have free and fair elections.

Connect with More Georgians via Targeted Communications

To widen the tent and share our message of conservative values, I regularly engage with a spectrum of media outlets and influencers. I will continue to engage in two-way conversations, foster trust, and build relationships with all of our stakeholders to include our donors, grassroots contributors, candidates, officials, like-minded voters and media.

Fundraising Requires a Return on Investment

The current methods of fundraising are effective as far as they go, but we can do better. We need stop exhausting our small dollar donors with incessant demands but rather give them fresh messages and ideas with tangible results that they can support. We cannot alienate our larger donors by failing to deliver but we can articulate how their investments are the pathway to victory. There are many donors who are burnt out with the GAGOP, big and small. We will bring them back by earning their trust by demonstrating financial transparency, accountability and showing a return on their investment.

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