Marci McCarthy currently serves as the Chairman of the DeKalb Republican Party, securing her second term unanimously by acclamation. Her steadfast leadership and strategic vision during the 2022 Midterm Elections notably doubled Republican turnout and bolstered margins of victory in the second bluest county in Georgia. In 2024, she spearheaded the recruitment and motivation of 16 candidates to run for U.S. Congress, Georgia General Assembly, and DeKalb School Board. Notably, 11 of the Georgia Senate and Georgia House candidates were supported with a one-time $400 donation from the DeKalb GOP, aimed at alleviating the financial strain of qualifying for office.

Previously, Marci held roles as the DeKalb GOP Vice-Chairman of Communications and Chairwoman of their Breakfast Series. She actively contributes to various organizations, including the GAGOP Foundation Board of Governors, GAGOP Election Integrity Task Force, and the Election Integrity Network’s Leadership Council. Marci is also a Co-Founder of Georgia’s Deciding Factor and a Co-Host for The Peach Crew on The John Fredericks Radio Network.

Marci’s political engagement extends to national platforms as well. She served as a GAGOP State Committee Member representing Georgia’s 4th Congressional District and was elected as a National Delegate in 2020, representing the Georgia 6th Congressional District at the Republican National Convention. Her commitment to fundraising was recognized during her tenure as Trump Victory Campaign Chairwoman for DeKalb County, where she ranked among the top 150 fundraisers nationwide. Additionally, Marci served as an underwriter of the 58th Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC).

Beyond politics, Marci is the CEO and President of T.E.N., a leading cybersecurity marketing and events company. She holds advisory positions on various corporate, academic, and non-profit boards, including Spirion’s Board of Directors, the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse Cyber Executive Board of Advisors, and Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group (EBCS). Marci also served as the Inaugural Advisory Council Chair for the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC), a TechBridge Board Member, and contributed to Cyversity and the Atlanta Girls’ School Board of Trustees.

Marci’s dedication to cybersecurity has earned her numerous accolades, including a 2012 Congressional Citation for fostering visibility and professionalism in the IT security industry, resulting in “Marci McCarthy Day” being recognized on March 13th in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. In 2022, she received a proclamation from the Georgia State Senate for her leadership in improving security in the state’s IT systems and ballot integrity. Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones also commended Marci in 2024 for her exceptional dedication and contributions to Georgia.

Marci, her husband Robert, and their four dogs reside in Brookhaven, Georgia, where she has been a resident of DeKalb County since 1994.

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