Why I am running for the Over 80K Chairman Position:


As one of the twenty-nine chairmen that are leading the largest counties that comprise the GAGOP, we have seen an influx of enthusiastic Patriots who are ready to set a new course and have the passion to fuel a Red Tsunami in Georgia. But it is going to take an integrated GOTV Get-Out-The-Vote-

Plan comprised of a robust digital infrastructure, data analytics, a compelling message, the recruitment of electable candidates as well as the ability to rebuild the trust of an electorate for us to win.  With that said, there is no reason that each of us should be doing this alone. We should be working together as ONE TEAM with ONE GOAL of WINNING, replicating our grassroot programs and sharing our best practices versus independently reinventing the wheel.

DeKalb is the fourth largest county and the second bluest county in Georgia. I believe if we #VoteDeKalbRed and increase Republican voting by 10% through implementing an issues campaign that is based on leveraging shared values paired with a welcoming message of diversity and inclusion, we can #KeepGeorgiaRed.  Replicating what we do in DeKalb and sharing these best practices, will create a Red Tsunami that will certainly guarantee a YUGE Red Win for Georgia.  We will win our local and state races that directly impact lives and livelihoods.  We will take back the U.S House and Senate in the 2022 Mid-Term Elections!

During my campaign and since being elected as DeKalb GOP Chairman, I have:

  • Created a partnership with Greater Georgia to deliver the first County GOP “Canvass Your Community” Training bringing together nearly 100 Republicans representing DeKalb GOP GOTV – Get Out to Vote Team and six counties to have access to the Greater Georgia i360Walk App. 
    • This training paired with members of the DeKalb GOP GOTV Team is already helping to power the Cobb County State House District 34 Special Election.
  • Worked closely with each of my District Chairmen (4th, 5th, 6th Congressional Districts) to identify key local races to include school boards, mayors, and commissioners, etc.
  • Created a Digital Infrastructure Team to implement an integrated and secure technology platform that will connect DeKalb County GOP Committee Members, congressional districts and the GAGOP as well as to recruit new red leaning voters.
  • Established a DeKalb GOP Board of Elections Nominating Committee to assist in the appointment of our two Republican Representatives to the DeKalb Board of Registrations and Elections.
  • Continued our momentum with the DeKalb GOP Breakfast Series in April by welcoming U.S. Congressman Barry Loudermilk as our featured speaker to expand our footprint in attracting new Republicans from all over Georgia.
  • Advocated for the Election Integrity Act of 2021 and serve as a GAGOP Election Integrity Spokesperson inclusive of the GAGOP Sine Die and Election Integrity Press Conference as well as was a CPAC 2021 Speaker.
  • Interviewed by Newsmax, USA Today, Bloomberg, ABC News Nightline, Forbes, AJC, NTD News, The Sara Carter Show, John Fredriksen Show, Red Kudzu and The Doug Dalhgren Show 


I have been very honored to have received several a spectrum of incredible endorsements as the DeKalb GOP Chairman from the Georgia Republican Assembly, Senator David Perdue, Georgia Senator Brandon Beach, Dr. Rich McCormick, the DeKalb Young Republicans as well as The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans.  I am also honored to receive the following endorsements for the “Over 80K Chairman” position.


“Marci has a can-do attitude. No one can say “NO” to Marci and her powers of persuasion. Her leadership within the

GAGOP and DeKalb GOP has positively influenced Republicans locally, statewide and nationally.”

Ginger Howard, Republican National Commiteewoman for Georgia

“I met Marci several years ago at a fundraiser for a State Elected official. I was impressed then by her positive personality and interest in the GOP. It is not hard for me to believe all she has accomplished in just a short period of time. But if you know Marci you know that is her M.O.! She is a leader in her industry and she is a leader in the GOP. She didn’t have to step on any toes

to get to the top of the ladder. She climbed each rail with precision and expertise. She is here to stay and

will continue being a success no matter the outcome. I fully support and endorse Marci for the Over 80 Chairman and I hope you will too!”

Vikki Consiglio, GAGOP Assistant Treasurer


“If Marci can help us build the organization, participation and enthusiasm in all our large Georgia

counties that she is bringing to DeKalb, we will be better prepared and positioned to win big in ‘22’.”

*Larry Cox, Chairman, Rockdale GOP

“Marci is the perfect blend of professional marketer, strategist, and business owner who can lead all Over 80K Counties

to grow our GOP grassroots and voters by 10%.  If it’s possible in DeKalb, we can have that impact in every other large GA County.”

**Dianne Putnam, Chairman, Whitfield County GOP

“Marci took a thematic, issues-based approach to building a grassroots army in DeKalb County where none previously existed.

As the Over 80K Chairman, she would expand and roll out a proven plan to every large County in Georgia.”

Nathan Porter, Chairman, The Georgia 6th Congressional District

“Marci is leading from the front in the recruitment and the build-up of DeKalb.

She’s got a proven plan that can help us tailor that roadmap to build a larger grassroots army and voter base in every large Georgia County.”

Brandon Siegler, Chairman, The Georgia 5th Congressional District

“Marci is one of the genuine Patriots in Georgia.  She is passionate and successful with her business

and she is destined to take DeKalb County to the next level of success”

Seanie Zappendorf, First Minority Female County Chair in Georgia History

Together we will fuel the Red Tsunami to #Keep Georgia Red. Thank you for your support.

Marci McCarthy

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